Crane Centerline Valves

Cast Steel

Crane is a leading manufacturer of cast steel gate, globe & check valves. Typical applications for Crane cast steel valves include flow control and fluid handling for refining, oil and gas production, pulp and paper, waste water treatment and chemical processing.

Gate valves, Globe Valves and Check Valves

  • Class 150 – Class 600
  • Sizes 2″ – 48″
  • Flanged ends and Butt-Weld ends
  • Bolted Bonnet
  • Swing, Tilting Disc and Stop Check
  • NACE and Special Trims (i.e., 316SS, Bronze, Monel)
  • API 600

Crane Cast Steel Valves  


 Crane is a leading manufacturer of Bronze gate, globe & check valves, all specifically designed to meet the needs of the building industry, and are also ideal for a variety of other commercial and industrial applications.

  • Gate valves, Globe Valves, Angle and Check Valves
  • Class 125 – Class 600
  • Sizes 1/4″ – 3″
  • Flanged ends, Threaded ends and Solder Joint ends
  • Screwed Bonnet and Union Bonnet
  • Commercial Grade and Industrial Grade
  • Rising Stem and Non-Rising Stem
  • ASTM B61 or B62 Body
  • Stainless Steel, Bronze or PTFE Disc
  • UL/ULC/FM Listed Valves
  • MSS SP 80

Crane Bronze Valves



 As a leading manufacturer of Iron gate, globe, Angle & check valves, Crane has provided superior products for commercial and industrial applications since 1855.

  • Gate valves, Globe Valves, Angle and Check Valves
  • Class 125 – Class 250
  • Sizes 1/4″ – 48″
  • Flanged ends and Threaded ends
  • Bolted, Clamp and Union Bonnet
  • Swing, Tilting Disc and Stop Check
  • Rising Stem and Non-Rising Stem
  • 3% Nickle Iron, All Iron and Malleable Iron
  • UL/FM Listed Valves
  • MSS SP 70, 71 and 85

Crane Cast Iron Valves

Aloyco Corrosion Resistant Valves

For nearly 70 years, Aloyco has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of corrosion resistant valves. Aloyco gate, globe and check valves withstand the severe conditions encountered in applications ranging from refining and chemical processing to pulp and paper production.

  • Gate valves, Globe Valves, Angle Valves and Check Valves
  • Class 150 – Class 600
  • Sizes 1/2″ – 24″
  • Threaded Ends, Socket Weld Ends and Flanged
  • Bolted Bonnet and Screwed Bonnet
  • 316SS and Alloy 20 Material
  • Special Materials: Hastelloy C, Monel, 304SS and others
  • API 603

Aloyco Stainess Steel Valves

Duo-Chek Check Valves

Duo-Chek II high performance check valves are the original Mission wafer check valves that were introduced to the market in the late 50’s. They are available in sizes, pressure classes and configurations that you need to meet the most demanding of applications.

Class 125 – Class 2500

  • Sizes 2″ – 72″
  • Lug, Wafer, Double Flanged, Retainerless and Extended Body Styles
  • Raised Face, Plain Face Ring Joint, Weld End and Hub End connections
  • Resilient Seal Materials
  • Bodies in Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, WCB Cast Steel, 316SS, All Alloys

Crane DuoChek Valves

Crane Duo-Check Installation Guide

Flowseal High Performance Butterfly Valves

Flowseal is a leading provider of soft seat, metal seat and fire-safe high performance butterfly valves. Our products are manufactured under an ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Program that ensures each valve we produce meets or exceeds your exacting application requirements. Flowseal high performance butterfly valves are a standard in many industries including HVAC, Power Generation, Hydrocarbon Processing, Water & Wastewater Treatment and Marine and Commercial Shipbuilding.

  • Class 150 – Class 600
  • Sizes 2″ – 48″
  • Wafer and Lug Body Style
  • Soft Seated; Zero leakage
  • Metal Seated; ANSI Class IV leakage
  • Fire Safe meets API 607, Rev. 4
  • Mil-Spec Valves per MIL-V-24624(SH)
  • Automated Valves; Pneumatic, Electric and Hydraulic

Crane Centerline Valves

Crane Flowseal HP BFV Installation & Maintenance

Crane Flowseal HP BFV

Center Line Butterfly & Lined Check Valves

Rated to 150, 200 and 285 PSI Shut-off

  • Sizes 2″ – 48″
  • Wafer and Lug Body Style
  • Series 200 – 200 PSI (2″ – 12″) 150 PSI (14″ – 42″) Long
  • Neck Cast Iron or Ductile Iron Body
  • Series 225 – 285 PSI Shut-off, Ductile Iron Body
  • Series 250 – Standard Carbon Steel Body, Optional Stainless Steel Body
  • Series 300 – Direct Drive Butterfly Valve, Cast or Ductile Iron, Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Body
  • Available with Ductile iron, Aluminum Bronze, 316SS or Monel Disc
  • Seats in Buna or EPDM are standard with many optional seat materials available
  • 2-Way and 3-Way Assemblies
  • On-Off, Mixing and Modulating Flow Control Systems
  • Series 800 – 150 PSI Fully Elastomer Lined Check Valve