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Strack Control Valves

Strack GmbH is a privately owned German company that was founded in 1922 and has become a well-known manufacturer of high quality valves conforming to all design standards. Strack manufactures speciality valves and today uses the excellent technological capabilities of Phönix and POV for the fabrication of it’s products. A staff of 32 valve specialists offers a complete service program.

Globe valve with encapsulated bellows, Pressure gauge valves, Globe valve with integrated stuffing seal in the body featuring non rotating and rising stem, Piston Check valve with spring loaded option, HP Gate Valves, Gate valve w/ API 600,

Low temperature carbon steel, carbon steel, High temperature carbon steel, Stainless steel, High temperature stainless steel, High chromium stainless steel, Hastelloy, Inconel, Pure nickel, Other special alloys.

Connections: Flanged ends, Butt welding ends, Socket welding ends, Threaded ends, Other requirements.

Operation: Handwheel, Lever, Chainwheel, Gear operator, Pneumatic piston actuator, Pneumatic diaphragm actuator, Electric actuator.

High Pressure Valves:

  • Type S15 High Pressure Gate Valve with pressure seal bonnet (wegde type and parallel slide / bolted bonnet available)
  • Type S22 High Pressure Globe Valve with pressure seal bonnet (bolted bonnet available)
  • Type S72 High Pressure Swing Check Valve with pressure seal bonnet (piston check and tilting disc available, bolted bonnet available)
  • Type S21 High Pressure Globe Valve with bayonet bonnet
  • Type S68 High Pressure Strainer with pressure seal bonnet (bolted bonnet available)

UOP / Phillips HF Alkylation Valves:

  • Gate (S96), Globe(S97), Check (Piston S99, Swing S98) Valve

Metal Seated Lift Plug Valves:

with Handwheel and Lever :

with Lifttorque Operator:

  • Type S50 100% port Lift Plug Valve
  • Type S59 70% port Lift Plug Valve
  • Type S51 100% port 3-Way and Multi-port Lift Plug Valve

Please contact our office for specific details, PDF’s, etc..

Other special valves on request

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