Cera System

Cera System is a German manufacturer who designs and builds engineered ceramic valves and piping systems.  Cera System valves are typically used on abrasive and/or corrosive services where ceramic materials are required for extended valve life.  Cera System valves are typically found in applications at FGD (Flue Gas Desulfurization) coal fired power plants, waste incinerators (lime slurries), titanium dioxide plants, pulp & paper mills, refineries and any other application where exotic alloy valves may be required.

Ceramic precision components in small series and large scale production. CERA SYSTEM is a medium sized company with over 100 highly skilled and dedicated employees. We manufacture large scale production precision ceramic parts as well as system solutions using ceramic components. Using our in house research & development and sales engineers provides cost effective solutions for our customers.

Our lean organizational structure and state of the art production facilities allows our highly qualified personnel to manufacture a product once the material has been chosen in a matter of days rather than weeks. CERA SYSTEM is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. We deliver the highest quality in the market and on time. Our long standing cooperation with universities and institutes allows us to develop and provide cutting edge technology for our customers.

Give us the opportunity to prove that our customers needs are our top priority.

The following two brochures will explain Cera System Ball & Sliding disk valve product lines.


Ball Valves


  • On / off – and control (modulating) – valves for abrasive and corrosive application.
  • Chemical process industries, pulp & paper, steel plants
  • Power plants, waste incinerators, pigment production
  • Pneumatic conveying, cement plants, catalyst cracker

Typical fluids:

  • Abrasive suspensions: limestone slurry, titanium oxide
  • Magnesium oxide, silicon oxide, etc.
  • Fly ash, lime, kaolin, talcum, quartz
  • Sand, pulverized coal, acids and bases

Materials used:

  • Engineered ceramics in the media-flow
  • Body : Metal or plastic


  • Excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance
  • No loss of material firmness in case of high temperature
  • Small flow control of high density suspensions
Ceramic lined valves

Sliding Disc Valves

Construction and lay-out by sliding discs systems

Based on experiences of the ceramic valve production of several decades and valve developments in several generations it can be guaranteed that for the corresponding customer wish optimal constructive solutions will be found.

  • Optimization of the dimensions of the ceramic sliding discs
  • Fluidic  optimization
  • Determination of the cavitation conditions
  • Specification of the ceramic geometries under consideration of the desired control device
  • Lay out design suitable for production of the ceramic components
  • Lay out design according to “TA Luft” as well as the “Wasserhaushaltsgesetz“
  • Lay out design for high temperature applications

Two disc systems are used for pure media as a matter of priority. Normally one disc will be flown around by the medium. For polluted media, suspensions or polyphase media three and more disc systems have to be used. These systems are characterized by the fact that none of the sliding discs of the outside is flown around by the fluid. Therefore no sedimentation or pollution of the sealing system can occur. The sliding discs can be moved linearly or rotated against each other. A combined linearly and rotary movement of the discs is also possible, depending on customer wish.

By optimizations economical ceramic discs can be obtained for the later manufacturing in series.

Stroke movements by a 3 sliding disc system
Rotary motion by a 3 sliding disc system
3 Sliding disc system (Ø 2,5 cm) Cost minimizing by 40 %. Reduction of the operating force by 50 %