Phoenix Bellows Seal Valves

Bellows Seal - Phoenix Vavles Phönix: Founded in 1910 as a small company, Today, Phönix Armaturen-Werke Bregel GmbH is now part of the Curtis Wright Group of Companies and continues to be a leading manufacturer of high quality speciality valves.  Curtiss-Wright is a world class leader in designing and manufacturing highly engineered valves, pumps, electronics and [...]

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Manual Safety Blinds Paddle Blinds

  Safety Blinds from Flow and Control Engineering Non-pressure rated safety device designed to isolate piping systems and to protect personnel from potential hazards. Steinmans Safety Blinds are not intended to be used in pressurized systems and are marked with "Not For Pressure". Fabricated to 1/8" thickness only. Used for blocking potential flow in non-pressurized [...]

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FLUX Air Operated Diaphragm and Magnetically Coupled Centrifugal Pumps

Recommended for transferring low to high viscosity products, even with solids in suspension, as well as abrasive, high flammability or aerated liquids.   Features and benefits: self-priming safe dry-running max. size of solids: 1/8" Connections: Suction/discharge side BSP 3/8" female Air inlet/outlet BSP 1/8" female The pump is available in: Pump housing: PP, PTFE Diaphragm: [...]

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EMS CFR40 Monitoring – Emission Monitor

              Industrial Emission Monitoring  Continuous and precise-our Opacity and Dust monitors provide accurate and dependable readings in flue-gas and exhaust-gas ducts. This assures that you adhere to the permissible permit limits. They meet the requirements of US EPA PS-1, PS-11 and Procedure 3.   Process Measurement    The reliability, [...]

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Strack Control Valves

Strack GmbH is a privately owned German company that was founded in 1922 and has become a well-known manufacturer of high quality valves conforming to all design standards. Strack manufactures speciality valves and today uses the excellent technological capabilities of Phönix and POV for the fabrication of it’s products. A staff of 32 valve specialists [...]

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CLA-VAL Valves

                        Since 1936, CLA-VAL has produced the world's highest quality automatic control valves for a diverse array of industries. Established in South Pasadena with just five employees, CLA-VAL moved to its present home, a twenty-acre property in Costa Mesa, California in 1954. The Costa [...]

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