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Northland Stainess Capabilities

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Supply of process and storage tanks in stainless steel and steel.  Other products include, man ways, standard air receivers, jacketed vessels, reactors whereby serving the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Defense, Paper, Food, Beverage, and Dairy industries.  Founded in 1973,  have also have a tradition of fabrication in various alloy pressure vessels.

Investments in head forming equipment, electro-polishing, automated mechanical polishing, in house X-Ray, and half-pipe application equipment all contribute to streamline fabrication, improved process controls, and quality fabrication.

•  Experience with stainless steel and higher alloys including 300 series stainless steel, 2205, 254 SMO, 2507, AL6XN Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel, etc.
•  Typical fabrications include half-pipe reactors, fermenters, evaporators, shell and tube heat exchangers, nutsche filters, dimple jacketed vessels and columns
•  CIP/Sprayball/Riboflavin testing, FAT Validation, Saline testing, UT thickness measurement, Helium leak detection, Computer Radiography and Borescope visual inspection
•  Full Passivation and Electropolishing capabilities
•  TOP documentation packages including weld maps, welder certifications, Ra Surface finish certification and full material traceability
•  ASME and ISO 9001:2008 certified

Our facilities have expanded several times over the years and we now have over 85,000 square feet of manufacturing space including a high bay area where we can fabricate and handle products weighing up to 160,000 lbs. Our dedicated team of approximately 90 employees are highly skilled and quite experienced.

Diverter Valve Assembly



For a complete review of our complimentary products such as Diverter valves,        Sampling valves and line    blinds click here: Sampling valve









Northland Stainless  Brochure

Northland Stainless, Inc. is a top manufaturer of quality tanks, vessels and specialty equipment. We offer a number of different products along with the capabilities of custom-creating exactly the items you need.  Please use the following links to view some of our products:

We design and build most major components and complete all required finishing and testing processes in our facility. More

Custom Fabrication
Northland Stainless is a fully integrated fabricator. We design and build most major components and complete all required finishing and testing processes in our facility.  More

Blending & Storage Tanks
Complete with internals, insulation and sheathing. More

Custom Heat Exchangers
Heat Exchangers Per Customer Design More

NSI has a fully integrated head manufacturing facility that utilizes two distinct technologies – Cold Forming and Hydroforming.  More

Heat Transfers
1/2 Pipe, Dimple Jacket, Full Jackets, Internal Coils, etc. More

Available as components or as installed parts, Northland manways are made with fewer parts for streamlined, reliable operation. More

Nutsche Filters
Stainless Hastelloy – All Sizes , Designed to your specifications.

Steel Fab Products & Services

Blending & Storage Tanks

Manufacturers of ASME steel pressure vessels in all sizes for all industries.


  • ASME / J10B/ DOT Tanks/ Air tanks /Oil/Air receivers /Dryer Tanks
  • Custom and Standard Configurations Diameters from 4″ to 120″ and thickness up to 1.25″ Lifting capacity exceeding 10 tons
  • CNC punching and high definition plasma cutting
  • Shearing, rolling and press brake capabilities
  • Robotic welding
  • Powder painting


Air Receivers
We stock in both Oakville, Ontario Canada and Abingdon, Virginia one of the largest inventories of standard air receivers from 12 gallon to 3800 gallon. More

Custom FabricationsWe specialize in the small to very large custom pressure vessels.  Tanks with high pressures or requiring special nozzles, internal/external coatings or design specifications are welcome. More