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Glaunach Industrial Vent Silencers

Vent Silencers – From Glaunach

During the expansion of gas, steam or air, noise pollution develops.  Vent Silencers are mounted after relief valves to reduce the levels of noise pollution. Such equipment is needed in power stations, petrochemical, chemical or similar plants.

Glaunach is only engaged in the design, production and marketing of the blowoff silencers.  Glaunach uses diffuser technology, which allows for compact construction in a small and lightweight design while still allowing for optimum noise reduction. Special equipment had been provided to permit a quick production of prime quality. Today over 6000 Glaunach silencers in more than 80 countries are in use, with no reported failures.

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Glaunach Industrial Silencers


We manufactured our first Blow-Off-Silencer in 1950. In 1970 we changed our design to the diffuser principle, which shows certain advantages compared to the earlier absorptive design.

The early absorptive design

The left picture shows the early absorptive design.

The right picture shows the Glaunach diffuser design, with substantially smaller dimensions and also a less weight.

The Glaunach diffuser design

Glaunach silencers are designed to allow uninhibited thermal expansion, without putting uncontrolled stress on its rigidity. The compact and round construction suppresses possible vibration which would cause damage to the silencer after certain time.

“quality is our success”

Team Glaunach

Industrial Vent Silencers by Glaunach of Austria  Used for noise reduction in Power Stations, Pulp & Paper, Chemical, Petrochemical, Refinery & overall Heavy Industry. To see company profile and manufacturing capabilities, please visit:  Glaunach Industrial Vent Technologies

Quiet, safe operations using a diffuser concept that is unique and provides outstanding noise reduction internationally.  With over 20,000 units installed since 1980, Glaunach manufactures a comprehensive line of diffusers, silencers, absorbing Silencers, dump-tubes and In-line Silencers.

Diffuser Silencers Diffuser SilencersDiffusers Diffusers
Absorbing Silencers Absorbing SilencersInline Silencers Inline Silencers
Dump Tubes Dump TubesCollecting Pipes Collecting Pipes
Rental Silencers Rental SilencersNatural Gas Silencers Natural Gas Silencers

To see the product line catalog, go to: Glaunach Product Line

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Research & Development
We continuously strive to improve our products through innovation and participative management. We hold an unique database of numerical results which proves the efficiency of our silencers.

ongoing staff training and development is the basis for high quality
CFD SimulationCFD Simulation
our technologie is transfered to computer simulations for optimization
Natural Gas - SilencerNatural Gas Pipeline I
in situ tests are made to prove the acoustic properties of our productse.g.
– unsilenced blow off pipe
– diffuser silencer
– absorbtion silencer[Video]
Natural Gas - SilencerNatural Gas Silencer II[Video]
Steam - SilencerSafety Valve I[Video]
Steam - SilencerSafety Valve II[Image]
Steam - SilencerControl Valve[Image]
Steam - SilencerSpeaker Test I
absorbing silencers are tested with artificial acoustic sources[Image]
Steam - SilencerSpeaker Test II[Image]
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