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EMS CFR40 Monitoring – Emission Monitor








Industrial Emission Monitoring 

Continuous and precise-our Opacity and Dust monitors provide accurate and dependable readings in flue-gas and exhaust-gas ducts. This assures that you adhere to the permissible permit limits. They meet the requirements of US EPA PS-1, PS-11 and Procedure 3.


Process Measurement 


The reliability, precisions and short response times of the Opacity and Dust monitors significantly enhance the efficiency of open and closed-loop control circuits. Instantaneous measurements reflect the current process status-even under extreme conditions such as high temperatures or

Products and Services that EMS Offers:

*EPA 40 CFR 60, Appendix B, PS-1 Compliant Opacity Monitors
*Manufacturers of Opacity Monitors designed for applications such as:

  • Boilers
  • Power Plants
  • Process Control
  • Electrostatic Precipitator Control
  • Cement Plants
  • Paper Mills
  • Crematoriums
  • Duct Work
  • Kitchen Exhaust Fan Control
  • Diesel Exhaust






EMS500 Dust

  • Designed with ASTM D 6216 and PS-1 grade optics
  • Dual beam measurement
  • 2 User selectable displays
  • Manual on-line calibration
  • Long life green LED source
  • Scaleable displays and outputs
  • Communications via RS485 MODBUS








40 CFR 60 PS-1 and ASTM D 6216 Compliant

  • Meets PS-11 requirements
  • RS485, Modbus communication, optional Ethernet and wireless
  • Dual beam measurement
  • Lifetime LED  source replacement warranty
  • Intuitively designed 5.7″ color touch screen user interface
  • 5 Numeric 3 trend display choices
  • Real-time diagnostics for testing outputs and relays
  • Automatic or manual on-line calibration
  • Standard SD Card for data and program backup
  • Easy to read color coded fault screen
  • User display customization available








  • Modulated green LED light source with 8 year warranty
  • Path length of 2-15 feet (60-457 cm)
  • Economical reliability with low maintenance
  • Communications via RS485 Modbus

Environmental Monitor Service Inc. is a leader in the field of advance technology emission monitor opacity monitor systems COMS (Continuous Opacity Monitoring Systems). EMS EPA Compliant Opacity and Non-compliant Opacity Monitors are guaranteed to exceed all EPA opacity monitor certification requirements; CFR 40, Part 60 Performance Specification 1 for Opacity Monitors as well as ASTM D 6216.


Opacity Supporting Products

Opacity audit devices and Neutral Density Filters: Audit devices (on-line reflectors) for all makes and models of Opacity Monitors. Filters are made of the highest quality optical material and tested to meet EPA regulations and set the industries standard.

EMS can also provide you with Opacity Monitor data acquisition system, Opacity monitor service, Preventive Maintenance and Quarterly COM Audits. You can be assured the job will be done quickly, courteously and at reasonable prices.

Dust monitors are manufactured by Environmental Monitor Service, Inc. for process control as well. They can accurately measure dust in applications measuring a distance of up to 15 feet.  The EMS760 and EMS770 are used in applications such as bag houses, pipes, crematoriums or ducts.

Companies have relied on EMS Opacity monitors for over 20 years to monitor the amount of visible emissions, smoke, dust or opacity from their process.  We hope that you will give us the opportunity to work with you on your next project.

EMS Stainless Steel Weather Enclosures information: WC info 121211

We can also provide service on your Phoenix Instruments, Inc. Opacity Monitors.  We can provide Preventative Maintenance, PS-1 Audits or Replacement.

Service and parts for other monitors:

  • Dynatron all opacity monitors 301 thru 1100M
  • Dynatron all oxygen analyzers
  • LSI, LSMCC, all Opacity, RM41, 301, 1100M, 2000, LS541
  • USI 500-500C Opacity monitors
  • Light hawk 560
  • KVB/Ducon laser opacity monitor
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