Ultraflo Butterfly Valves

Ultraflo Butterfly Valves

ultraflo-family-2Ultraflo meets a variety of flow control needs with a complete line of resilient seated butterfly valves and accessories. Ultraflo is committed to providing high quality products for industrial flow control needs.  Ultraflo Full Line Brochure

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 The Ultraflo Resilient Butterfly Valve Line Includes:

400-422400/422 Series General Purpose Valves: 400S Brochure 

2”-24” Ultraflo’s general purpose valve has a high strength through-stem design. The resilient seat incorporates a dovetail retention system to ensure complete isolation of line media from the body, positive alignment and ease of assembly. The CNC machined and hand polished disc edge produces bubble-tight shut off, minimum torque and longer seat life. The 400 model, a wafer version, and the 422 model, the companion lug, are rated 150 psi for 2”-24” valves. Dead end service ratings are 75 psi for 2”-12” bodies, and 50 psi for 14”-24” bodies


ultraflo 410-412Ultraflo 410- 412 series large diameter valves: 410-412    24” – 48” Ultraflo’s large diameter valve includes the 410 model, a wafer version in sizes 24”–36”, and the 412 model, a double flanged version in sizes 24”– 48”. Both models have a bubble tight shut off pressure rating of 150 psi. 410 model valves have a V-cup self-adjusting stem seal. 412 model valves feature an adjustable packing stem seal.



ultraflo 390-393Ultraflo 390/393 series:  pneumatic conveying, abrasive applications: 390S Brochure

2”-12” The 390/393 Series valve has been designed specifically for pneumaticconveying and abrasive applications. The seat is designed for schedule 40piping, moving the seat ID towards the inside diameter of the pipe wall. Thisresults in smooth product flow and less wear from abrasion. Both the model 390 wafer and model 393 lug have a pressure rating of 150 psi with stainless steel disc/stems and 100 psi with encapsulated disc/stems. Valves installed in dead end service are rated at 75 psi.

ultraflo 399-392Ultraflo 399/392 series sanitary/chemical valves: 399 Sanitary Chemical BFV  Ultraflo’s sanitary/chemical valve, the 399/392 Series has been designed for applications requiring high flow, minimal product entrapment and complete protection of the valve body from line media. To meet the requirements of demanding applications, a variety of seat materials, disc stem coatings and encapsulations are offered. Bodies are available in stainless steel, cast and ductile iron and aluminum. The model 399 wafer and the model 392 lug versions provide bi-directional pressure ratings of 150 psi with stainless steel disc/stems and 100 psi with encapsulated disc/stems. Dead end service ratings are at 75 psi.

ultraflo 500-522Ultraflo 500/522 series:  Ultraflo High PressureBFV  2”- 20” Ultraflo’s economical high pressure butterfly valve, the Series 500, features an elastomer seat which is bonded to the valve body by permanent adhesive. The seat is designed to seal with slip-on or weld neck flanges. These valves have a bidirectional dead end service pressure rating of 250 psi. Wafer and lug body styles are offered.



Ultraflo 395 Series Fly AshUltraflo 395 Power Plant Fly Ash Butterfly Valve Series: Ultraflo FlyAsh Brochure

Ultraflo has developed a unique series of butterfly valves specially designed for high heat, highly abrasive, low pressure applications that do not require immediate bubble tight shutoff – the Fly Ash 395 Series. Ultraflo Fly Ash valves are designed without seats since the high temperature and abrasive nature of the media causes resilient seats to fail. The valve seal is formed by the compaction of the line media during valve operation – making the 395 Series ideal for fly ash collection systems. The 395 series is also well suited for damper applications which permit slight leakage past the disc in the closed position. In applications where media consistency is not favorable for compaction, and temperatures do not exceed 250°F, Ultraflo offers an EPDM molded disc that provides a near bubble tight seal.


Ultraflo UltrasphereUltraflo Ultrasphere

This economical, resilient seat valve is available in a wide variety of high quality materials including FDA approved blends and components for High Abrasion applications. Components precision machined to tight tolerances, UltraSphere delivers long service life, ease of operation and maintenance, and reduced cost.

UltraSphere is also ideal for abrasive applications due to the thin profile disc which increases flow capacity and reduces erosion of valve components.

UltraSphere Features Our Unique 180 degree Integrated notch plate. 180 degee notch plate allows both streetside and curbside installation. Integrated design eliminates hardware and galvanic corrosion.

The Ultraflo Electric Actuator Line Includes:

200 Series Electic ActuatorsUltraflo 200 Series Actuator Line Ultraflo is proud to offer the 200 Series high torque electric actuator product line. Both On-Off and Modulating actuators are available in 9 units for a combined output torque range of 450–30,975 lb-ins. All 200 Series units are waterproof (NEMA 4,4x,6 and IP67). In addition, the 200 Series complies with ISO 5211 patterns and directly mounts to the complete line of Ultraflo Butterfly Valves.

Ultraflo Electric Actuation option:  Utraflo Electric Actuation


The Ultraflo Accessories Line Includes:


Ultraflo SolenoidsUltraflo Solenoid Valves: 4 & 3-Way Solenoid Valves
For electrical operation of pneumatic actuator on-off functions, Ultraflo 4-Way Solenoids are direct mounted to the actuator by NAMUR interface, with no external tubing required. Both waterproof (NEMA 4) and explosion proof (NEMA 4,7,9) housings are standard. NPT and IP65 DIN connections are offered with both single and dual coils. The air supply connection is 1/4” NPT and the electrical connection is 1/2” NPT. A manual override lever is located on the top of the valve body. A 3-Way Solenoid is also available, please call for information.


Ultraflo VRC Positioners

ultraflo VRC Positioner

  • Electro-Pneumatic Positioners

    Ultraflo’s Electro-Pneumatic Positioners feature a modular design that allows the units and accessories to be freely combined. For use with either double or single acting actuators, they provide direct or reverse operating modes. Zero and range adjustments can be set separately. The Electro-Pneumatic Positioners accept a 4-20 mA input signal and functions as an integrated I/P converter, amplifier and controller.

    Pneumatic Positioners

    The modular Pneumatic Positioner automatically positions the output shaft to precise valve angles between 0° and 90°. The standard Positioner input signal is 3-15 psi. It functions with double acting or spring return actuators and features selectable speed control, fast and accurate calibration, 2 NPT conduit entries, reversible and split range functions. Waterproof and intristically safe housings are available.

Additional Ultraflo Options: Accessory Brochure

Positioner Options for Automation: Ultraflo positioner


CNC machining of all cast component parts provides true interchangeability of parts, consistent adherence to tolerances and reduced torque ratings. The Ultroflo Resilient Butterfly Valve Line Includes: •400/422 series general purpose valves •410/412 series large diameter valves •600 series valves with elastomer or PTFE cartridge seats •390/393 series for pneumatic conveying and abrasive applications •399/392 series sanitary/chemical valves •500/522 series economical high pressure butterfly valves.

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