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Dry Link – Dry Disconnect Couplings

Dry Link, Inc. (formerly part of Victaulic) is the premier manufacturer of dry disconnect “dry break” hose couplings & high-containment split-butterfly valves for bulk transfer of liquids & powders. Our industrial couplings are specified worldwide in chemical & petrochemical industries to provide drip-free connections. When hygienic conditions are required, our sanitary high-purity line of couplings are specified by all major pharmaceutical, biotechnology & food companies.

A mechanical interlock prevents accidental openings. Discs are closed & sealed before coupler and adapter can be separated. Ideal for hazardous, high viscosity, high-flow, and sanitary applications.

Dry Link Application Pictures:  http://www.drylink.com/pictures.html

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Swivel: Dry Link® ADAPTER couplings are available with an optional built-in swivel to ease hose or pipe alignment! Click here for details. Please note swivels is standard on Couplers (with the exception of Couplers with triclover ends)
Staging Device: Dry Link® couplings are available with staging device for ease of handling for vertical loading! Click here for details.
Pressure Cap available as a backup sealing device on Adapters for sizes 2″ and 3″. For added protection, a metallic Pressure Cap providing secondary (backup) pressure containment sealing is now available. This cap can be attached to the Adapter body by turning a Wing Nut. Click here for details.
Chemraz Main Seal: Our coupling Main Seal is available in Elastomeric PTFE material (Perfluoroelastomer, FFKM). This is the most chemical-resistant and toughest elastomer available in the market. Click here for details.
Remote Position Indication: For added security, sensors can be mounted on Dry Link couplings that send an electric signal (wired and wireless) to a remote control room. The signal can indicate when a Coupler is latched onto an Adapter or when a Coupler is opened or closed by an operator. For details, click here: You can also watch a video of the Position Indicator in action by clicking here.