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Flo-Tite Inc., MaxSeal Inc, Air Con are a affiliated group of manufacturers, OEM’s of High Quality Ball valves, High Performance Butterfly valves and Air Actuation products. Products range from Standard Industrial type Ball Valves, API-6D Trunnion Ball valves, High-Pressure Metal Seated Ball valves, Metal seated High Performance Butterfly valves and V-Control Valves.

Actuation: Our line of Air-Con actuation equipment can be mounted, tested and shipped to you, for true “plug & play” operations.

We maintain a extensive inventory of standard valves in Carbon, Stainless Steel and Alloy 20 and others.

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Flo-tite 2 pc full port Brass ball valve

2 PC Design. Full port minimizes pressure drops and prolongs valve life. Factory tested in open and closed position for bubble tight integrity seat: air under water at 80 PSI (MSS-SP-72.) Available chrome plated brass ball (T51BZ) or SS ball & stem (T52BZ.)

Pressure ratings 600 WOG / 125 WSP
Operating Temperature Maximum 366 F
Female-to-female end connections
Threaded Ends ANSI B1-20-1 NPT
Blowout proof stem
Secondary PTFE stem seal.
Replaceable seats, seals, and thrust washers
Lever or Nickel Plated Handle • ¼” to 4″
T Handle • ¼” to 1″
Solder End available per Factory.

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Stainless Steel Ball Valve Threaded 2 PC, Full Bore

 2 PC Design, Econoflow Series Sizes: ¼” – 3″  1000 WOG

Available in Stainless Steel (316SS) and Carbon Steel (WCB.) Factory tested in open and closed position for bubble tight integrity seat: air under water at 100 PSI (MSS-SP-72.)

Temperature Range: -20 F to 450 F; -46 C to 232 C
Corrosion Resistant 316 Stainless Steel
Investment cast, Full Port minimizes pressure drop and prolongs valve life
Internal Entry Blow-out Proof Stem
Adjustable V-Ring Stem Packing
Threaded Ends ANSI B1-20-1 NPT
Standard Safety Locking handle meets OSHA 1910.147
Drilled and Tapped Actuator Mounting Pad.

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Flo-Tite Tri-Star 3 pc Full Bore Ball Valve

Sizes: ¼” – 2″,  Pressure To: 1500 WOG / 2000 CWP / 150 SWP

Economical design ideal for chemical, textile, process and contractor markets where quality and price is a major consideration.  Flo-Tite’s standard unique body bolting and 1500 WOG pressure ratings are standard unique design features.

Stainless Steel  Threaded

Stainless Steel and Socket Weld

Carbon Steel and Socket Weld

  • Reinforced teflon soft parts
  • ISO-521 Actuator Bolting Pad
  • Non-live loaded blow-out proof stem
  • Triple stem seal V-ring, O-ring, and Thrust washer standard
  • Cap screws insure precise alignment of valve center body and end cap
  • Swing-out body design for ease of maintenance
  • Safety locking handle
  • Foundry Traceability
  • Metal nameplates identifies all soft parts.

Visit Here: Tri_Star_Series

Flo-Tite F150 Rated, 2 PC, Cast Steel Ball Valve

Models: RF15 – Short Pattern RF150 – Long Pattern V-RF15 and V-RF150 – Control Type Ball Size Range 6″ – 14″ ANSI Class 150

Flo-Tite 2 PC Reduced Bore Flanged End Ball Valve

  • Ease of Seat Replacement or Change-Outs
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Custom V-Port Control Options
  • Improved Flow Control
  • Lighter weight than Full Port
  • Lower Operating Torques
  • Fire safe Design
  • Comply with API and ANSI Standards.



Flo Tite F150, 316Stainless Steel , Flanged Ball Valves

The floating ball design offers a positive leak proof seal and is pressure activated provodong leak proof performance. Flanged valve top works design is completely separate from the valve packing gland preventing absorption of force from the quarter turn stop impact and misapplied maintenance and greatly reduced stem packing adjustments.

The valve top flange is designed to facilitate ease of automation by including ISO 5211 bolting patterns.

The valve top flange can be adapted with a secondary containment bonnet (see below) for critical requirements, fugitive emissions or cryogenic applications.

Flow capacity of the full port series is the same as similar sized piece of pipe, as a result it suffers no appreciable pressure drop  across the valve.

Graphite stem packing meets the highest fire standards under extreme conditions. Optional design: include a Cryogenic Extension, Control Valve, and Fusiblke Link.

F150 Class 150, F300 Class 300

SF150 Class 150, SF300 Class 300

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Flo- Tite HF 300# Stainless Steel Ball Valve FFD

Floating Ball, Full Port Design: 2PC Split Body Design Standard Materials Carbon Body with 304 SSTrim Also Available in LCB & LCC

Flo- Tite Ball Valve Design Features:

• Quality Sand Castings

• Locking Device and Blow-out Proof Stem and Anti Static Ground

• Graphite Stem & Body Seal, Pressure Testing API 598, BS 6755 PT-1

• Actuator Mounting Pad.

Visit Here: TechBulletin_Pg60_2014



1500# Stainless Steel Ball Valve 3pc Full Port Model 320

Carbon Steel & 316SS with ISO-Mount type automation

In sizes 1/4 to 4″, A multi-purpose valve for all fluids, slurries, semi-solids and corrosive services in endless industrial, chemical, petrochemical, power and original equipment applications

Weld-In-Place design feature is OPTIONAL

SuperTek seats standard, relief holes in seats relieve pressure past the upstream seat, with a swing out body design

Connections: NPT, SW, BW, 150 Flanged, TK

Cap screws insure precise ailgnment of the valve body

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Titan Series 3PC High Pressure Ball Valves

Titan Series – 5000 WOG, 1/2~2″,  3-PC Bolted design, High Pressure Ball Valves, Engineered For High Pressure Severe Service Applications.


1540 Series: Carbon Steel, 1550 Series: Stainless Steel

ANSI Class 1500/900, Both RF & RTJ Flanged Ends.

NPT, Socket & Butt Weld – 5000 WOG

Extended Weld End Optional

Standard Ball & V Port, 17-4PH Stem Standard Blow-out Proof Stem Design

• Heavy Duty, Rugged Construction, with Lockable Handles

• API 607-5th Edition Fire Safe & API 608 Compliance

• Actuator Mounting Pad, ISO5211

Seat Options:

Delrin, Devlon, PEEK, Metal




Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve Class 150 – 2500TM Series valves are available for piggable service – special pig launcher designs! 1, 2, or 3 piece construction available in the following body materials: WCB, A105, LCB, LF2, CF3, CF8M

Bi-directional seating

Double Block and Bleed

Automatic Cavity Relief

ISO Mounting Pad

Blow-out proof stem

Anti-static ground

Fire safe certified

2 PC made from sand cast

2 PC Ball Valve ANSI #150 #300 #600 #900 classes

3 PC ball valve made from forged metal design to eliminate possible defects and assures uniform structure at full rated working pressures

2 PC ANSI #1500 #2500 classes; smaller ANSI classes upon request

Flanged or Butt Weld


Flotite multiport 3 way

Flo Tite – Multi-Port Series 3 & 4 Ball Valves

Flanged Ends: MPF15 – ANSI Class 150, MPF 30 – Class 300

Threaded Ends: MPT 15 – ANSI Class 150 MPT 30 – Class 300


  • Trunnion Support Type, One Piece Ball/Stem
  • Three Seat Design
  • Actuator Mounting Pad
  • Anti-Static Grounding Device

Visit Here: MPF15 – MPF30 Multi-port valves






Flo-Tite Sentinel Series V-Ball Process Control Valves.

Operational Video


Flo-Tite’s Sentinel series is a quarter turn control valve generally recommended for throttling service. Our seg- mented ball valve combines globe control ow charac- teristics with the ef ciency of the rotary type ball valve. The segmented ball is a V-notch design with strong cut- ting force and a self-cleaning design, especially suitable for control of media containing ber and tiny solids. Segmented ball valves were designed for the pulp and paper industry

Visit Here: Sentinel Series



• Super-Tek has a much more dense and a more homogeneous microstructure
than PTFE.
• Greater Molecular Weight & Improved Densification
• Improved toughness
• Micro-Porosity reduced
• Improved creep, cold-flow performance
• Substantially lower deformation under load
• Excellent corrosion resistance
• Lower permeability
• Good electrical and mechanical properties
• Reduces valve operating torques
• Extends the pressure temperature range of soft seated Ball Valves from -320°F
(-196°C) to 500°F (260°C)


Super-Tek II is a 25% glass reinforced TFM offering the advantages of TFM but with an extended
temperature range and added abrasion resistance. Ideal for rapid, high cycle applications,
higher-pressure steams, hot gases, thermal fluids and a variety of process chemicals. Super-
Tek II is an excellent alternative for Peek and in some cases metal seats.
• Temperature range to 572°F (300°C)
• Note operating valve torque is increased by approximately 20% above Super-Tek


To learn more, Visit Here: Super-Tek-Valve-Seating


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