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The Ultimate Gasket 

1915 Lancia Theta Spider


This is a photo of a 1915 Lancia Theta Spider. Manufactured two (2) years after Spiral Wound gaskets that we use today were first invented.  This car was fitted with a starting handle and featured spiral gasket packing to seal the water pump and featured a long list of other obsolete technologies. Would you purchase a car today with these features?  Yet Spiral Wounds gasket packings  are still commonly used.  A technology over a centry old!  Today our piping process systems with ever higher pressure superheat, excessive temperature cycling and hostile and even dangerous emissions 1915 technology will not last and will not be the best in terms of longevity and reliability.

That’s where Sealing Corporation can help!  We offer you a leakfree system, not just a gasket. Our Selco Seal® advanced design is both modern and superior to all other forms of sealing devices.  Our seal is as good as a weld.  Metal to metal seal, no over stressing of bolts and high unit load on sealing material. Our standard sealing element, flexible graphite, is a true high temperature non-asbestos replacement. Once you install it, you can forget about it. Our design climinates cold flow of  our TFE  option and ensures 0% fugitive emissions.  No re-torquing, one less problem for maintenance.  You can even live-load bolting!

That’s why our gaskets are warranted for three (3) years.  And that’s why we say the Selco Seal® gaskets are the most reliable, versatile and cost effective gaskets in the world today …


Can you afford NOT to fit Selco Seal® Gaskets?

Gaskets for any and every application. It does not matter what the shape or configuration, we will make the gasket to fit the application.

Our gasketing has and is being used for pressures over 10,000 psig!  Our gaskets are used on the F16 fuel line seal for the afterburners and chosen by valve OEM’s for bonnet gaskets and preferred by companies such as Orbit and Velan.

No sheet gasket to store & maintain.  One 2500 psi Selco gasket retrofits and can be used on 150#, 300# and 600# service! 

The metal carrier on the Selco seal is blow out proof! 

Selco performance gasketing is available for Flanges, heat exchangers, sootblowers, valve bonnets, manways, sightglasses, handholes and most other gasket sealing applications. 

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