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1500 Series Level Switches 

SOR® is a manufacturer of high-quality pressure and level-measuring instruments for industrial service. We serve a global market of oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, and power industries through a network of independent sales representatives. Our products are suitable for a broad range of safety systems, control processes, and related applications.

Power Generation

Coal-Fired Steam Power Plant

Every coal-fired power generating plant is unique. Each has varying instrumentation needs based on the equipment used, regional regulations, fuel and other factors. Modern facilities employ many pumps, fans, valves and other devices that require control or monitoring. This schematic depicts typical instrumentation normally found at major locations within a standard coal-fired power plant.

Oil and Gas

Oil Patch – Satellite Processing – Gas Patch

Upstream oil and gas-field operations, including satellite processing stations typically employ a standard array of instrumentation. This schematic identifies many of the common locations where control or monitoring may be needed and briefly describes several applications to consider when choosing process instrumentation.


Production and Delivery

Cement plants typically require level measurement and pressure control devices from the quarry to the processing plant to the bagging and shipping operations. This schematic illustrated where this type of instrumentation is generally located and briefly outlines several applications within the process.

 Water TreatmentConditioning and Distribution

Water treatment plants require process instruments to monitor specific operations, protect equipment and measure levels from the quarry to the household tap. This schematic identifies several locations and applications found in a standard design, 16 million gal/day capacity, municipal water treatment plant serving a population of 55,000.


SOR® leak-proof instrument tube, pipe and weld fittings meet the most exacting requirements of any system, including process pressures, chemical, power, automation, vacuum and instrumentation applications.

Instrument hand valves are great for instrument isolation duties, providing bubble-tight shutoff, with metal or soft seats for gas, vapor, or liquid applications. Gauge valves include multiport and block-and-bleed styles for gauge isolation, calibration, and venting.

SOR also offers a variety of 2, 3 and 5-valve instrument manifolds. The 2-valve manifolds are designed for static pressure and liquid level applications, the 3 and 5-valve manifolds are designed for differential pressure applications.

Tube and Pipe Technical Information

Instrument Fittings

Tube Fittings
Pipe Fittings
Weld Fittings

Instrument Valves

Needle Valves
Blowdown Valves
Double Block Valves
Instrument Gauge Valves 

Instrument Manifolds

2-Valve Manifolds
3-Valve Manifolds
5-Valve Manifolds

Instrument Syphon

Instrument Syphon


SOR® level switches are rugged, industrial products specifically designed for versatility of application. Float and displacer operated mechanical level switches are available with flanged or sealed chambers or as insertion models. Options available for each type of switch include: switch type and number, housing type, chamber material, process connections, accessories, and more. Units may be customized to suit your specific needs. SOR mechanical level switches are available in many configurations. If you don’t see what you need, we will engineer a solution for your application.

The SOR 1500 series mechanical level switches answer the industry’s call for a less expensive alternative to the traditional chambered switch. The 1500 series is suitable for most any point level application and the all-stainless steel construction delivers dependability under the most demanding conditions.

SOR ultrasonic level transmitters are a proven solution offering more flexibility and reliability than similar products. With unique features such as state-of-the-art programming, adaptive gain and a very powerful transmit pulse, they provide consistent operation in conditions where other ultrasonics fail.

1500 Series Level Switches 
echOsonix® Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
RF Level Transmitter
Type 1710 Level Switch
Flanged Chamber Level Switches
Sealed Chamber Level Switches
Single Point RF Level Switch
Single Point Ultrasonic Level Switch with Self Test
Dual Point Ultrasonic Level Switch with Self Test
Thermal Differential Switch
Top Mounted Displacer Level Switches
Single Point RF Level Switch with Self Test
Top Mounted Float Level Switches
Side Mounted Level Switches
Steam Trap Level Switches
Single Point Ultrasonic Level Switch
Multipoint RF Level Switch

TemperatureSOR® Temperature Switches utilize a vapor-pressure thermal system. Fluid vapor pressure changes predictably according to the influence of temperature on the sensing bulb. Process temperature changes cause proportional vapor pressure changes in the temperature sensing bulb that act on the diaphragm/ piston assembly to actuate and de-actuate a snap-action electrical switching element at discrete process temperatures. More specific application requirements can be met by selecting optional components, such as housings and electrical switching elements.

Weatherproof (Direct or remote mount) Temperature Switch
Weatherproof, Terminal block connections (Direct or remote mount) Temperature Switch
Explosion Proof (Direct or remote mount) Temperature Switch
Explosion Proof, UL/CSA/ATEX (Direct or remote mount) Temperature Switch
Big Hermet – Explosion Proof, Hermetically sealed (Direct or remote mount) Temperature Switch
Mini Hermet – Explosion Proof, Hermetically sealed (Direct or remote mount) Temperature Switch

FlowVane-actuated flow switches are designed for direct sensing of liquid flow in pipelines. These switches are magnetically actuated and feature rugged internal construction and all stainless trim. Minimum line pressure loss is provided by vane position at actuation.

The Model T21Point Level Switch uses a thermal differential technique to measure liquid flow, level or interface by sensing changes in the thermal heat transfer characteristics of the media where it is located.

Type 1520 is a vertically mounted, vane-operated flow switch suitable for plant and OEM applications where open or closed contacts are required to signal flow or no flow conditions. The vane extension arm moves a magnet which actuates (de-actuates) a hermetically sealed reed switch.