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Custom designed and fabricated for your process needs

Tretter Manufacturing Company, TMC Valves are a “best in class” valve for the chemical industry.  Tretter products are used in a variety of industries with very demanding applications such as process vessels drains, steam lines, loading stations and feed lines to name a few.

Tretter offers a full line of sampling valves, drain valves, diverter and mixing valves and line blind valves to support industrial processes.

Line Blind Valves

Line Blind


Tretter offers Line Blind Valves in Slide, Swing and Jack Bolt Designs.

Reasons to use Line Blind Valves
A: A line blind valve can be changed in minutes saving labor costs every time it is used
B: A line blind valve gives a visual indicator of line condition
C: You can blank a line with one person even in the largest sizes
D: No tools required
E: No spreading of the pipe so no sagging when changing
F: Since the blind is a solid plate, there is zero down stream leakage.




Diverter Valves


TMC Diverter Valves are an assembly of multiple Plunger or Disc Valves into a unit that can be used to Turn Flow from one line to another.  Most common uses are Parallel Filters, Parallel Pumps or to Join or Divert a Process Stream. They are available from 3/4″ to 14″. from full Vacuum to custom processes in excess of 2500# class.  The most common forms are tube style or block style designs in planar construction.  But they are also available in multi plane 3, 4, 5 and 6 way combinations. Options include; integral Heat Jacket, High Alloys, Manual, Electric, Hydraulic, or Pnuematic operators.



Mixing Valves


Mixing Valve


Sampling Valves



Sampling valves are as varied as there are applications. There are many ways to mount or configure the valve to fit your pipe or vessel. The sampling valve name applies to valves that are used for injection, venting, draining, kill valves and sampling. The sizes generally range from 1/4″ to 2″. The can be flanged or threaded or welded to the pipe or vessel. Actuation can be handle, handwheel, spring to close lever, air cylinder or air motor. Integral welded heat jackets are also available.







Drain Valves

The purpose of a Plunger Style Drain Valve is to fill the Nozzle or Stud Pad with the plunger/extended body so that there is no dead space to fill with product. This can be a great assist in solving plugging or mix ratio issues. The Tretter Plunger Seal and Body Seal provide for a high seal quality in a wide range of configurations. Air Cylinder, Electric Motor, Air Motor, Hydraulic Cylinder and Manual Actuators are available. Welded Integral Heat Jackets are an option also.






Tretter is also a leader in the repair of any manufacturer’s sample or drain valves including Fetterolf, SchuF and Strahman. Tretter can bring your worn valves back to better than new condition with improvement from the original design.