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Ultraflo Butterfly Valves

March 31st, 2015|Comments Off on Ultraflo Butterfly Valves

Ultraflo meets a variety of flow control needs with a complete line of resilient seated butterfly valves and accessories. Ultraflo is committed to providing high quality products for industrial flow control needs.  Ultraflo Full Line [...]

Walworth Valves

March 31st, 2015|Comments Off on Walworth Valves

WALWORTH VALVES - Walworth Valves - Cast and Forged Steel Gate, Globe and Check Valves, Trunion Mounted Ball Valves, Plug Valves, Duo Check, Slab Gate and Expanding Gate, AWWA Butterfly, Safety and Relief Valves. Walworth Valves [...]

Flo-Tite Valves

March 31st, 2015|Comments Off on Flo-Tite Valves

Flo-Tite Inc. is a manufacturer of high quality ball valves and actuation equipment. Flo-tite'products range from Standard Commercial type Ball Valves to high-pressure metal seated Control Valves. We maintain an inventory of standard valves in [...]

Since 2008,  Flow and Control Engineering, LLC has supplied the best quality valves, industrial equipment and component parts to our customers, with an excellent level of service and support.  Our company brings to partner clients, many years of experience in the Pulp & Paper, Utilities, Oil and Gas and Chemical Manufacturing industries.

Our trusted manufactures, whose products have been manufactured with internationally accepted practices and standards, including ISO and API certifications. The quality of the valves we offer are always kept at a high level.  Our company remains competitive because we understand the needs of today’s industry.  We bring to our clients the experience and expertise for the procurement and logistics of quality industrial parts and related products at the most competitive prices available. Our goal as a service provider in our industry is to meet or exceed our client’s expectations of quality and level of service.

Our clients use our company with confidence knowing that we are providing them with the most competitive pricing on quality products, as well as arranging for the logistics of product delivery to any destination in a timely and professional manner.

Please contact us by email or call us at 800-840-1730 for complete product lists, product availability, logistics and pricing information.

Our products include the following manufacturers:


Walworth, Ultraflo Butterfly Valves, Flo-tite Valves, Phoenix Bellos Seal, TMC Line Blind Valves, Sampling  & Diverter Valves, FZV Valves, Daume Valves, HH Valves, Strack Valves & more.

Instrumentation and Industrial Equipment:

EMS Continuous Opacity Monitoring Systems (COMS), Slide Blinds,  Glaunach Industrial Vent Silencers, Titan Metal Fabricators, Enerqip Heat Exchangers & more

Repair Components:

ANSI Pump Repair Components & more.

Our customers include:

Power, Pulp & Paper, Chemical Manufacturing, Tank Farms, and other process industries.

Our Mission:

To provide the highest quality products at a competitive price, while providing excellent customer service and logistics support.