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Line Blind Valves

Power Point Presentation on Line Blinds: IP PRESENTATION

Line Blind

Manufactured in the USA, TMC offers Line Blind Valves in Slide, Swing and Jack Bolt Designs. Larger line size, PSIG line pressure or high temperature options are possible.  Maximum Uptime for process & no more redundant and timely work with spools, fasteners, waiting for lines to cool or relying on gate or ball valves for positive shut-off across the face of the pipeline flange bubble-tight shutoff.  Great ROI for process applications!

Reasons to use Line Blind Valves
A: A line blind valve can be changed in minutes saving labor costs every time it is used
B: A line blind valve gives a visual indicator of line condition
C: You can blank a line with one person even in the largest sizes
D: No tools required
E: No spreading of the pipe so no sagging when changing
F: Since the blind is a solid plate, there is zero down stream leakage

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Common Applications:
Tank Farms
Steam lines
Cement Plants
Loading Stations
Feed lines
Pharmaceutical Plants
Shipping terminals
Paper Mills
Cryogenic plants
Pigging Stations

The following is a Powerpoint Presentation on Line Blinding!

Power Point Presentation on Line Blinds:  IP PRESENTATION

All the advantages of a spectacle blind with handwheel acutation.

Line Blind Valves are often used along with block and bleed valves to provide positive isolation for maintenance After the block and bleed valve is closed and equipment is depressurized and drained, the Line blind can be operated into a close position to provide additional isolation from process fluids entering the maintenance area.

Line Blind provide visual proof that a line is properly and securely blanked off with no possibility of any flow or leakage through a valve during maintenance.

The flow can be diverted to other items of equipment but not just bypassed around the blank as this would compromise the safety function of the spectacle blind. The flow has to be valved off and pressure relieved prior operating the line blind.

TMC Valves will also service existing Line Blind Valves of many brands.

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Tretter Line Blind Valves are proudly made in the United States!