Natural Gas Silencers for Pipelines – by Glaunach

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Natural Gas Silencers for Pipelines – by Glaunach

Natural Gas Silencers for Pipelines – by Glaunach

The problem: When maintenance work needs to be completed on a pipeline, natural gas has to be blown out of the pipleline in a very short time.  The noise originates from this ‘blow-off’ at the exit of the blow off pipe is a result of a sonic gas jet. This generates a noise level as loud as a starting rocket.  The noise can overwhelm emergency personnel as they take calls from the community, and also can have harmful effects on  humans and wildlife species.  Natural Gas Silencers can solve this issue.

The solution: In 2009, Glaunach GMBH Vent Silencers  developed a new silencer design for natural gas pipelines in cooperation with CTR and ZT DI Schwab Acoustics.

The Tests: From 165dB(A) to 77dB:

Natural gas was blown out from a 70bar pipeline  to atmosphere.

When the gas was vented through the blow-off-pipe (without a silencer), a sound power level of 165 dB(A) was determined, caused by sonic boom.

While exhausting the gas through a GLAUNACH Diffuser Silencer, a peak sound pressure level of only 77 dB was identified at the valve lever, caused by vibrations.


The Technology:

The design is an advancement of the early steam and gas diffuser principal and has certain advantages. The silencer includes a low temperature multi-stage-diffuser with especially placed drill holes and a slowdown passage.

Additional absorber-baffles are no longer necessary. The light and compact construction saves material and installation costs.

Mobile Units for crews:

Natural Gas Silencers

Mobile Natural-Gas-Silencer with installation support and snow cover.


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