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Daume Regelamaturen

Daume Regelarmaturen

Daume Regelamaturen  We regulate gas, water and steam.

We develop and manufacture high-grade control valves for power plant and industrial applications.
Control valve for industrial gasesControl valve for the HP fieldMotor control valveSteam reducing valve with diaphragm actuator
Daume Regelarmaturen GmbH is a medium-sized company in Isernhagen near Hanover focussing on the development and manufacture of control valves for the whole energy supply field and for many fields of process engineering, such as for the chemical industry, processes in power plant engineering, the mineral oil processing industry, pharmaceutical industry and the steel industry.Daume Regelarmaturen GmbH valves are used throughout the world. The company’s product range is based on a module system enabling the customer to combine the various valve types with the most varied types of actuators.We particularly specialise on regulating water and steam and on special-purpose valves.
Power plant valves for energy supplyBolted Bonnet & Pressure Seal design.
Hydraulically, pneumatically or motor-driven steam reducing valves
for controlling the water/steam system
  • Feedwater controlling valve
    Startup controlling valve
    HP spray/water control valve
    Minimum flow control valve
    Steam conditioning valve
    Angular valve with
    downstream sprayer
    Steam cooler
    LP discharging valve
    Discharging control valve
    Condensate level control valvel
    Pegging steam control valve
    Auxiliary steam control valve



Manual operation
Pressure reducer
Limit switch
Diaphragm actuator
Pilot valve / explosion-proof
Throttle check valve
Metallic spindle seal
Control valvesDaume control valves are designed so they can be individually assembled
from single modules and added to.


Valves various types
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