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FLUX Chemical Transfer Pumps




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Flux_High_Viscosity_pump    Barrel and container pumps

FLUX offers barrel and container pumps with the widest range of designs and materials. Users will find tailor-made solutions for their requirements. You can choose from a range    of pumps with and without mechanical seals, mixing-pumps, explosion proof, or 3A-certified versions. Moreover, all pumps will adapt to various motors. In this way, media can be pumped out of vessels ranging in size from small cans to IBC containers or taller. FLUX rounds off the spectrum with the self-priming hybrid pump available as a pump set.





 FLUX progressive cavity high viscosity pumps

FLUX progressive cavity high viscosity pumps cover a wide range of viscosities from liquid media such as mineral oils to stiff media such as filling compounds. A special advantage is the extremely gentle transport especially required for shear-sensitive media. In accordance with the specific requirements, FLUX provides industrial type as well as pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic versions. Moreover, these pumps are available in the various designs: horizontal/vertical, operating clockwise or counterclockwise, with explosion protection and with 3A certification. Available drives include three-phase a.c., single phase and compressed-air motors. Moreover, FLUX has developed the VISCOFLUX drum emptying system to transport highly viscous media.





FLUX FMC PP MM HIGH nutating-disc-type-liquid-flow-meters-1531-2836399


Liquid flow meters and FLUXTRONIC  Liquid flow meters based on the wobble plate (FMC) or oval

wheel principle (FMO) offer the right solution for any application.  In combination with the FLUXTRONIC evaluation electronics, filling and dosing processes of most fluids can be carried out with maximum precision and safety.


This goes for a wide range of liquids from thin to highly viscous. In automatic operation,

an output signal can be utilized for process control.








Flux Immersion Pumps Body PictureCentrifugal immersion pumps

FLUX centrifugal immersion pumps are used where high flow rates, continuous operation, or special immersion lengths are required. They are especially suited to transport and circulate aggressive and abrasive media. Different materials can be chosen to meet the chemical and thermal requirements. Moreover, versions without seals and horizontal versions are available. On request, FLUX centrifugal immersion pumps will be configured and produced individually to meet specific technical requirements.









Air-operated double diaphragm pumps  

FLUX air-operated double diaphragm pumps are self-priming and protected against dry running. Two designs are available for different purposes. In addition to the injection-moulded

FDM series, the RFM is available in a heavy-duty massive construction type series. Even medium viscosity, abrasive and highly flammable media can be transported reliably. FLUX also

offers special conductive versions for use in areas with explosive atmospheres.









FLUX mixers can be configured individually for a mixing task.  The mixers can be tuned precisely to the viscosity, temperature and specific properties of the media to be mixed and the size of the mixing tank. The fast-running mixer variant consists of a three-phase a. c. motor, a shaft and vanes. Where low speed is required, slow-running versions may be configured which are equipped with an intermediate transmission and special mixing vanes. The FLUX mixers are available with various materials and mixing vanes. An extensive range of accessories rounds off the product range.







Flux_Motors_Product    110126_092646184_Flux Drum Pumps



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